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North Carolina Democratic Party Workers Announce Contract

RALEIGH, N.C.  — Workers for Break the Majority, the statewide coordinated campaign of the North Carolina Democratic Party, have negotiated a collective bargaining agreement with the Party.

“We are proud to have come together with overwhelming support from the Campaign Workers Guild and the North Carolina Democratic Party. Their commitment to this process cannot be overstated. I am hopeful that this agreement will lay the groundwork for future campaigns in the South to unionize,” said Grayson Barnette, Field Organizer and bargaining team member.

“Break the Majority workers have become the first coordinated campaign workers to unionize in the South. They join workers from the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and the Campaign for Ohio in unionizing during this midterm election cycle,” said Ihaab Syed, Secretary of the Campaign Workers Guild.

“As of today, 28 groups of workers have been represented by the Campaign Workers Guild in our first year,” said Meg Reilly, Vice President of the Campaign Workers Guild.

The Campaign Workers Guild is a national independent union representing non-management workers on electoral and issue-based campaigns.