2019 Elections


01/28 - 02/11 - Nomination Period (02/11 = Nomination Deadline)

02/11 - 02/25 - Nomination Confirmations & Ballot Finalization

02/26 - 03/25 - Campaigning Period

03/25 (night) - 04/01 - Voting Open

04/02 - Results Announced

04/07 - New Officers Seated

There will also be a process for lodging election-related complaints TBD.

  1. OFFICES UP FOR ELECTION (& Requirements)

    1. 8 out of 17 Executive Council positions are up for election. The remaining 9 will be elected in 2020.

    2. All offices are elected for roughly two-year terms, with alternates elected, in case an office-holder steps down or is removed before the end of their term.

    3. The President and Vice President positions will be elected separately from the EC as a whole. Candidates can choose to run for multiple offices but would only be allowed to serve in one role, should they win both.

    4. For information on the roles and responsibilities of EC Members, view our EC Member Policy.

    5. Vice President - 1 seat

      1. Role:

        1. Serve as a public face of CWG

        2. Convene and preside over EC meetings in President’s absence, facilitating leadership and participation by other EC members

        3. Other responsibilities, as designated by the EC

    6. Executive Council (EC) Member - 7 seats

      1. Role:

        1. Actively participate in weekly meetings

        2. Other responsibilities, as designated by the EC

      2. This election will be filled via ranked-choice, with the top 7 vote-getters being seated on the EC. The 5 next-highest vote-getters will be asked to serve as alternates.

    7. Secretary and Treasurer will be elected from within the newly constituted EC in early April, as those roles require specialized skill-sets.

    8. Requirements:

      1. We may ask candidates for each office to certify that they will be willing to meet certain minimum standards, fulfill particular responsibilities, and/or agree to a minimum time commitment. The Election Committee will reach out to nominees by 02/18/19 with further information. Failure to agree to abide by those standards by 02/25/19 will be grounds for removal from the ballot.


    1. With few exceptions, all CWG members in good standing (Associate Members, Working Members, and Solidarity Members) who have signed up to pay dues by the end of the nomination process (02/11/19) are eligible to run.

      1. Please note that Solidarity Members who are elected to the EC are ineligible to vote in EC decisions but may participate in the deliberation process.

    2. We are legally prohibited from allowing people convicted of certain types of fraud (primarily around governance of labor organizations) from serving in office, per § 504 of the LMRDA. The federal government has published a helpful fact sheet with information about this requirement available here.

    3. The Election Committee reserves the right to deny placement on the ballot to candidates who do not comply with reasonable requests for information or compliance with election protocol laid out here.


    1. Solidarity members (dues-payers currently working as campaign management) are not eligible to vote. However, they may run for general EC seats.

    2. All other CWG members (Associate Members and Working Members) who have signed up to pay dues by the end of the nomination process (02/11/19) are eligible to vote.


    1. Submit this form: campaignworkersguild.org/nominations

    2. The Election Committee (comprised of 4 CWG members who are not seeking election) will reach out to all nominees to confirm their candidacy (and willingness to fulfill responsibilities of a union official) collect bios, and provide more details on the campaigning / election process.


    1. To ensure the fairness of this election, incumbent candidates will not be allowed to use CWG property or lists to campaign for office. However, candidates are encouraged to respectfully campaign to highlight why they are running.

    2. Currently, the Election Committee is looking into providing 4 different opportunities for nominees to campaign:

      1. Emailing members

      2. Posting on CWG’s social media accounts

      3. Displaying bios on CWG’s website

      4. Presenting / answering questions during General Membership calls


Email info@campaignworkersguild.org.