March 9, 2018


Campaign Workers Guild Announces Sixth Contract; First in Michigan!


Troy, MI — Campaign workers for Dan Haberman, Democratic candidate for MI-11, announced the ratification of a collective bargaining agreement Friday. Bargaining unit members negotiated a contract that includes basic guarantees such as a living wage, monthly healthcare reimbursement, severance pay, and protections from sexual harassment and discrimination.


“As a 10 year veteran in political campaigns, nothing is more fulfilling than to work the long hours to elect progressive candidates that I know will fight for people like me,” said new union member Rafael Mojica, the campaign’s Field Director. “But I also know it’s important to work within an environment that also reflects those ideals on a daily basis. I am proud to be a member of the Campaign Workers Guild and will encourage all campaigns in my region to join up.”


“The campaign workers that approached us to unionize were clear in their demands and were fortunate to have early voluntary recognition from Dan and the Campaign Manager,” said Colin O’Neill, volunteer Field Rep for Campaign Workers Guild. “The Haberman workers were enthusiastic to be an early part of this movement and I am proud of the protections that they fought for and won in their contract.”


The Campaign Workers Guild is a new independent national union representing non-management workers on electoral and issue-based campaigns.