For Immediate Release

August 13, 2018

Contact: Ihaab Syed


Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party workers form a union


St Paul, MN -- The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) has voluntarily recognized the union formed by its coordinated campaign workers. Coordinated campaigns are the core organizing apparatus for state Democratic parties during major elections. This is the second coordinated campaign in the country to organize and win recognition for their union with the Campaign Workers Guild (CWG). CWG is currently in bargaining with the Ohio Democratic Party. This marks the formation of the largest union of campaign workers in the country.


“We, the coordinated campaign staff demand recognition today, and we are willing to wait here while you speak with your legal counsel”, said coordinated campaign worker Jamila Mame when Mame and Sonia Romero delivered the demand to DFL Headquarters. DFL Party Chair Ken Martin was quick to recognize the unit.


“A growing movement of campaign workers across the state and nation are joining the Campaign Workers Guild. DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor, Representative Erin Murphy, employs a unionized staff, and other statewide campaigns have unionized with CWG in Iowa, Maine, Ohio, and Vermont,” said Campaign Workers Guild Secretary Ihaab Syed.


“Campaign workers are at risk for long hours, low wages, exploitative conditions, and hostile work environments,” said coordinated campaign worker Nathan Lewicki. “Forming a union protects the workforce and ensures fairness for all.”


The Minnesota AFL-CIO offered their support for the DFL coordinated campaign workers’ decision to unionize. “We commend the DFL Party and Chair Ken Martin for voluntarily recognizing their workers’ choice to organize with the Campaign Workers Guild,” said Minnesota AFL-CIO President Bill McCarthy. “All working people, whether they be educators, construction workers, nurses, or campaign staff, should have the freedom to join together to negotiate a fair return on their work.”


The Campaign Workers Guild is a new, national  independent labor union representing non-management workers on electoral and issue-based campaigns.