March 19, 2018


Murphy for Minnesota Staff Form the Country’s First Unionized Gubernatorial Campaign


ST. PAUL, MN. — The Campaign Workers Guild on Friday signed its first gubernatorial collective bargaining agreement. The contract was ratified by campaign staff for Erin Murphy, a Democratic candidate for Minnesota governor. This agreement also marks the first time a Minnesota electoral campaign has been unionized. The Campaign Workers Guild has now ratified contracts with campaigns in eight states.


“The protections of a union make campaign work much more of a sustainable career. Collective bargaining and labor solidarity have allowed our team to live the values we’re fighting for in this race; a living wage, health insurance, paid leave policies,” said Charles Cox, Field & Political Organizer. “I’m proud of my fellow workers for getting us here, and to be supporting a candidate who practices what she’s running on.”


“Murphy for Minnesota workers have done an incredible job bargaining their contract. They are eager to serve as an example for workers across the state and country,” said Ihaab Syed, Secretary of the Campaign Workers Guild.


The Campaign Workers Guild is a new, national independent union representing non-management workers on electoral and issue-based campaigns.