March 9, 2018


Staff on Chicago Campaign Unionize with Campaign Workers Guild


CHICAGO, IL. — Campaign workers for Marie Newman, Democratic candidate for IL-03, announced the formation of a bargaining unit Friday. The workers organized, successfully fought for voluntary recognition, and are now leading negotiations at the bargaining table.


“One of the most electrifying aspects of this movement is the energy and excitement of CWG members, and this bargaining unit’s energy is off the charts,” said Meg Reilly, Vice President of the Campaign Workers Guild. “Campaign workers are finally getting to experience what it feels like to bargain collectively, stand together, and improve their working conditions. There are no words to express what solidarity is until you’ve felt it -- and workers for Marie Newman are feeling it.”


“Instead of letting the tough conditions and pay disparities of campaign work divide us, my coworkers and I are coming together to assert our power and make improvements. My sense of solidarity with my coworkers, and campaign workers everywhere, has grown so much as a result of taking action together” said Eric Holmberg, Field Organizer for Marie Newman for Congress. “This campaign is all about living up to progressive values. We formed a union to enact those values in our own workplace.”


The Campaign Workers Guild is a new independent national union representing non-management workers on electoral and issue-based campaigns.